Canada Day Parade

If any cadets want to participate in the CANADA DAY PARADE the air cadets donated one of their officers to supervise our cadets. All cadets will be marching together, army, air and sea. (Captain Darlene Williams)

FULL UNIFORM, meeting place is EAST OF AIRDRIE MIDDLE SCHOOL (Virginia street and 1st AVE in Airdrie) at 0900, parade should be done by 1130. Dress for weather and eat before you come.

Any questions you can contact me via email or phone.

Happy Summer!

T.Mark CD


Commanding Officer

3016 Calgary Highlanders (Airdrie) RCACC

Upcoming events this summer

Please see below a few different upcoming events throughout the summer. ‎Please let me know what your cadet and/or yourself (parents) may be interested in. I will send out a reminder when the events are approaching as I understand it is summer but we should mark our calendars as there are some great events that help get our corp more exposure as well as some funds raised. As a reminder please only reply to myself and not All
Thank you in advance for your help
Marci Kieswetter
3016 Chair PAC
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Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 2:44 PM
To: Marci Kieswetter


There are many things happening throughout the summer, please look below and see what you are interested in. You need to email the President Marci Kieswetter if you are interested in CIR or Highland games.

Good day all!  Since the mid 2000’s 2554 PPCLI RCACC has been developing it’s highly successful RECCE training program.  The RECCE training program focuses on the practical application of navigation, bushcraft and leadership with many opportunities for CF familiarization as well.  This past year we successfully integrated another corps in the program and now are opening up participation to others.  Next Tuesday 23 Jun 15 we will be hosting an information session including testimony from cadet and adult participants, a detailed overview of the training plan and opportunities for questions for representatives from interested corps from 1900 to 2100 at the Currie building.


Please Join us!RSVP to me NLT 1900 22 Jun 15

Area Cadet Officer- Army  403-605-4055

VOLUNTEER AT STAMPEDE (parents and cadets) July 2-12 2015
Calgary Stampede Cadet Information Booth 2015
Cadets who sign up for three shifts or more get a pass that allows them unlimited entry to the park.
This sign up is for Calgary Stampede Cadet Volunteer 2015. Sign up online today and receive automated reminders for your spot!
CIR PICNIC 11 August
Our CIR Picnic this year is on Tuesday August 11th- 0900-1900 (need 20 cadets/parents)
Cadets will be helping to set up BBQ, running the snow cone machine, cotton
candy, face painting and craft stations.
We will get fed ( tons of food) and its a nice day to be out enjoying
HIGHLAND GAMES (September Long weekend) 5 September 2015
I am emailing on behalf of the Calgary Highland Games.
For the past couple of years the 2137 Calgary Highlander Cadet Corps has volunteered with the Games and have done a fantastic job that was noted by all of the organizers.
This year we would like to invite all Highland Cadet Corps to volunteer. 
The Games are on September 5th, 2015.  We have a set up day on the 4th which we require volunteers for as well. On the 5th we need volunteers from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
If cadets are interested in signing up they can visit the Calgary Highland Games website
I would appreciate if you could pass on this information to the other Highlander Cadet Corps. 

Thank you very much,
Rikki Meroniuk,
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Final Kit Night

KIT night at AG building 1800-1900 on 22 June 2015.

If you want to return your uniform you can do it this night as well. Those cadets moving over the summer MUST return all highland kit and Glens and shoulder flashes or you will get billed for those items.

Questions about camp? Your more then welcome to come ask questions and if you have any concerns.


Corp ACR June 10th….

Here is a message to everyone from Cpt Mark


Tomorrow is our ACR for 3016 RCACC, cadets are asked to be at the town and country center between 1645-1700, I know most parents work but the earlier you can get them there the better, we have to do a practice run through before the performance. Cadets should come in their FULL UNIFORM.

There will be a silent auction and refreshments after the parade, you can bid on silent auction items before the parade starts and after until 2000. (cash and check only) We are hoping to be done our celebration by 2100. This will be the last night of cadets, we will break for summer until 8 September 2015. There are a few events in the summer for cadets to participate in like volunteer at the stampede booth, stampede parade ( level 3 and higher for band) and the CIR picnic in Calgary, you will be receiving a few emails throughout the summer regarding some events.

I hope everyone has a great summer and hope to see you tomorrow at the cadets ANNUAL CEREMONIAL REVIEW. Thanks for all your support this year.

Is your cadet going to camp? Or are you a cadet going to camp?

For all the cadets who are going to camp please click on the link below and make your own account for the cadet portal.
Parents are able to make their own accounts also. This will give you the joining instructions for the camp your cadet is attending. MOVEMENT orders will be sent out NO LATER THEN 2 weeks prior to your cadet departure.
Any questions you can email Cpt Mark or call her


T.Mark CD


Commanding Officer

3016 Calgary Highlanders (Airdrie) RCACC

AGM Minutes from May 13

3016 Parent Committee Meeting – AGM May 13 2015

In Attendance: Marci Kieswetter, Terry Sheedy, MJ Bransfield, Tammy Rent, Don and Helen MacLean, Kathleen Closs Walroth, Kelly Oberg, Yvonne Young (Legion Rep), Lori Lowery, Jennifer Forness, Michele and Jerry Hogg, Alan Tarnowski, Tara Percival, Mike Hearns, Carey Reykdal, Ed Lukaitis, Coriann Berry, Charmagne Poculan, Sally and Cameron Maetche, Mary West, Leighton Kathler

Leighton Kathler called the meeting to attention

Capt Mark update on ACR:

June 7 9am at Mewata Joint ACR with all 4 corps affiliated with Highlanders Regiment

-2 medals only to be presented at the Joint ACR all other awards will be given out at our own ACR on Jun10

-Marci Kieswetter gave brief overview of email sent out from parent committee chair from 2137 that stated require help setting up 400+ chairs in morning by parents when kids dropped off, snacks will be provided which all 4 corps will contribute to cost of subs,water, cakes. Hoping to have most food donated but that is not finalized yet.

Treasure Update:


If you would like to know what the accounts are at, please ask the Treasurer.

Legion Update:

Yvonne Young apologized for Gord Fish absence

-Legion General Meeting the other week has reported that the new building plans have been approved by city with one issue still to be approve which is the shared parking lot with the church. All large events will still require an alternate venue until building is completed with hopes end of year. July1 and Nov11 will need to be held at different venue this year.

League Update

Ed Lukaitis

Loops For Troops Jun21

Breakfast on the Bridge Jun20 – possible to have 3016 band present

Southern Zone meeting at Military Museum announced Best Cadet CWO Christopher Bore from 2554 will also be nominated for the Walsh Award

 Corp Update on upcoming events

Capt Mark

May17 Triathlon $50/cadet volunteer

No band

May20 ACR prep, have Germany pictures handed in, Kit check

May22-24 FTX Elk Valley drop off 1700 and pick up 1430 at AG building eat before drop off

May27 Hawc presentation  location at the Hawc Hanger Facility 1902 McCall Landing NE (SE corner of YYC Airport)

May30-31 2 cadets 16years old will be chosen for C7 training with Calgary Highlanders

May31 ACR practice 1100-1400 Town and Country center (weather permitting)

Jun3 ACR practice awards for events and star levels

Jun7 0900-1600 Mewata Armories

Jun10 ACR 1700-2200

Summer Camp questions and Germany presentation

Jun17 Last Night for uniform pieces at supply 1800-1900

Other details:

Possibly move cadet parade night to Monday in sept at new location of Town and Country Centre

CIR picnic approx. date of Aug19 will need cadet and parent volunteers

Breakfast on the Bridge need volunteers

Stampede Recruit Booth will need volunteers – info will be sent out

Any late camp acceptances would be called directly

Any information that needs to be updated is to be done with Capt Wambolt

Vimy- Italy Update

2LT Lanoway

Changes:  contingency fund  use will be voted on prior to departure of trip

– a parent will carry fund not an officer

-kids will be ask to do research of activities in area for fun activities if free time is available

-30 spots available but these spots will fill up quickly as the trip will be opened to other Highlander corps in the next couple weeks

-20,000 people will only be allowed at the Vimy Day ceremony, security will be extremely as Heads of State, Royal Families will be in attendance

-largest contingency of cadets from all over the country

-one parent to liaison between cadets, officers and parents at home

-uniform will be discussed at later date as to whether cadets are in full uniform or not

-rules may change on day of ceremony

AGM –Elections:  Ed Lukaitis

4 key positions:


Vice Chair



Past Chair (not elected as the previous year chair is to fill this position)

Sub areas which the elected committee would vote in as they see the need:

Ways and Means

Special Events

Public Relation


Chair: Lowery known as Lori Lowery nominated Mercedes Kieswetter known as Marci Kieswetter, seconded by Coriann Berry. Ed Lukaitis approved nomination

Treasure: Marci Kieswetter nominated Laura Lowery known as Lori Lowery who excepted, seconded by Coriann Berry, approved by Ed Lukaitis

Secretary: Lori Lowery nominated Tammy Rent, accepted, seconded by Sally Maetche approved by Ed Lukaitis

Vice Chair: Michele Hogg volunteered,  seconded by Marci KieswetterEd Lukaitis approved

Executive announced by Marci Kieswetter

Meeting Adjourned by Leighton Kathler

As a reminder at the ACR on sunday we will require many hands to help set up the 400+ chairs which should not take long if we have lots of help. Could you please just reply back to me whether you will be able to help set up. We will also require tear down afterwards as well which the cadets will be available to help with that as well‎.
Also with our own ACR on Wed Jun10 at the Town and Country I will also require some help with many details from bring silent auction items over from AG Building, setting up chairs, food and water. As well clean up after parade will require help.
In your response please let me know when you are available for either events.
Thank you in advance for your help

Events for May/June

31 May 1200-1500 there will be a MANDATORY drill practice for ALL cadets at town and country center parking lot, dress for the weather. Parade boots and civilian clothing. Bring snacks and water bottle. Please be advised there isn’t a washroom close by so please use the facility’s before coming to the practice.  The flag party MUST be in attendance to practice their drill, if not we will schedule a alternate date for all flag party to attend. The band will have a alternate practice date next week also, possibly Tuesday.

3 June: Awards and star levels handed out, parents can attend, this will be done at the beginning of the evening. FULL DRESS this evening as the cadets are having pictures done.

7 June: MANDATORY Mass Annual drop off at Mewata at 0900, bring uniform on hanger, parade will start at 1300, be early to get your seat/standing room. There will be a reception following the parade, cadets will be dismissed by 1600.

10 June: MANDATORY Cadets can be start arriving at 1700, we need help to set up and get prepared, cadets will come in uniform, all cadets MUST be there NLT 1800 to practice before ACR starts at 1845. Silent auction and refreshments will follow parade. End time will be approx. 2100.  We still need 5 awards sponsored.  Town and Country Center in Airdrie.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

AS OF TODAY THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MORE MASS EMAILS SENT OUT EXCEPT BY COMMANDING OFFICER OR PRESIDENT OF THE PARENTS COMMITTEE.  Please email the CO or president directly and we will take care of the situation, unless you can deal with it at the lowest level, getting your cadet to call fellow cadets, facebook or go through section commanders.