Calgary Highlanders Open House Saturday December 5th


Calgary Highlanders Open House

You are cordially invited to attend an open house at Mewata Armoury on 5 Dec 2015 from 1000hrs to 1400hrs.

This event will be open to the general public and any Cadets wishing to attend.

Activities will include:

A presentation on the regiment, its traditions and current activities,

A Weapons Display

Introductory Trg on the Small Arms Trainer



Sgt Brian Gaisford

(403) 410-2320 Ext 3341

(403) 671-1187

November 10th and 11th information

Tonight the cadets will be wearing their civilians in hope that their uniforms are in tip top shape for the ceremony tomorrow. Cadets MUST bring their boots and polishing kits(Please label them) to cadets tonight. Also bring a blanket, towel or paper to polish boots on so you don’t get the floor dirty. The cadets will be watching a movie about war tonight on a projector. The movie is PG -13 so if your cadet cannot watch this please let your officer/section commander know.

Parents are welcome to stay for the movie/parents meeting 1845.
Cadets will be done at 2100 tonight.
Please be at GENESIS by 0900 tomorrow pick up at 1130-1145
CEDERWOOD CADETS 1000 (Still need 4 volunteers)

Updated poppy tagging info

There has been a lot of changes regarding pickup and drop off of poppies. The bin should be picked up at the United Church at 1 St Ave in Airdrie at the small door on the parking lot side between 0900 and 0930 and dropped off the same after 1900.(7pm)

Parents who are working at the start and end, please be aware.

Emergency for poppy tagging Joe Barton 403-519-2332
Captain Mark 403-863-3897

Band Musicon – Edmonton Nov 27-29

You need to let Cpt Mark know if you will be attending or not.


Intake and Exhaust Information:    Bus Company Name: Frontier Bus Lines  1-403-347-4990


EXERCISE:  Units: 88, 604, RCACS & 3016, 1955 RCACC, & 344 RCSCC  Music Concentration  


27 Nov 15

P/U:  1815 hrs @ Mewata Armoury,  801 – 11 St. SW,Calgary Ab(88, 604, RCACS, 3016, 1955 RCACC, 344 RCSCC )

D/O(Off Load):2115 hrs @  CFB Edmonton , Accommodations


29 Nov 15

 P/U:  1500 hrs @ CFB Edmonton , Accommodations

D/O(Off Load):  1800 hrs @ Mewata Armoury,  801 – 11 St. SW,Calgary Ab(88, 604, RCACS, 3016, 1955 RCACC, 344 RCSCC )




Remembrance Day Parade

Next week all the schools and communities will be holding their annual ceremonies to Remember all the fallen soldiers and veterans that sacrificed their lives for us.

Cadets can wear their uniforms to school and participate in their ceremony at school. This shows commitment and loyalty . Please make sure your uniforms are ironed and boots are polished when presenting yourself in the community. EVERYONE should have proper haircut and have badges correctly sewn on for before this day.

We have been asked for cadets to participate in 3 ceremonies on 11 Nov.
Cadets who live in Crossfield can participate at the Crossfield Community Hall Ceremony. I need a parent with  Civilian Volunteer card to be a contact for this event. Cadets must be there at 1015. FULL UNIFORM
Sgt. Rent will be the Senior In charge for this event.

Cadets have been asked to participate at Cedarwood Station in Airdrie
304 1St Ave NE
I need 4 cadets to volunteer for this. (please email me)
1000 -1130, FULL DRESS
Cadets will push wheelchairs and lay wreaths. Senior Cadet will read
Senior Cadet in Charge is WO. Walroth

All other cadets must attend the Genesis place ceremony(If your not participating anywhere else)
Cadets will arrive at 0900, meet in the gym across from the swimming pool.
Ceremony will be done 1145-1200. BAND IS REQUIRED FOR THIS DAY.

Please eat before you come and make sure you have a poppy on. Represent yourselves well.

If you couldn’t sign up for poppy tagging you can call the legion at 403-948-3000 (Gerry) to volunteer throughout the week.

November Activities

A list is upcoming activities for NOVEMBER, please mark your calendars.

1 Nov Bottle Drive MANDATORY
2 Nov Band  Mewata armories  KIT NIGHT (cadets who need to exchange uniforms/get glens)
4 Nov Biathlon 1800-1930 AG building
7 Nov Biathlon Zones 0700-1700
7,8 Nov Poppy tagging (Crossirons mills mall, by information booth) MANDATORY
(if you cant make those dates you can call the legion 403-948-3000 and make other arrangements) 
9 Nov Band
10 Nov Cadets TBA
11 Nov Remembrance Day Genesis place 0900-1200 MANDATORY
16 Nov Band
17 Nov Cadets
23 Nov Band
24 Nov Cadets
28 Nov Artisian Market (Volunteers needed)
30 Nov Band

Just a friendly reminder please send your cadet dressed properly for the weather, a few cadets were not wearing jackets last week and it was very cold in the evening. (all cadets should have a parka)
Please make sure you are ON TIME to pick your cadet up, as officers we have to stay with the cadets until they are picked up. We all have families and jobs outside of our cadet lives, so being a extra 15min late makes a difference to us. On Sunday after the FTX I did not get home until 1.5 hours post exercise.
If this happens more then once in row we have three options, call a cab for the cadet to be paid for by parent, call social services or drop cadet off at the RCMP detachment. We are legislated to follow those rules.

Bottle Drive Sunday Nov 1

‎Reminder this coming Sunday Nov1 at 0930-1500hrs there is a fundraiser for the corps.  This helps to fund many of the extra activities that are available for all cadets from Band, Rifle, Drill and much more.
At this moment we have about 14 vehicles to drive with about 25 cadets that have replied. If you have not done so yet please let me know if your cadet will be in attendance or NOT.
We will meet in the parking lot off veterans Blvd between the Canadian tire and Tim Hortons at 0930hrs. Pick up at same location at 1500hrs
Cadets are to dress in FTUs bring a lunch or money to purchase their own lunch as well as a water bottle.
Arrangements have been made to drop our collected bottles to the Crossfield depot which we will require help there as well to unload the trailer(s)
Thank You again for the help everyone is able to give.


Just a reminder that the cadets need to be at the military museum tonight between 1815-1830.   Flanders ave bridge is closed so you will need to take a alternate route to get there.   From Gord our Legion Rep:   The only access to the museum is from Passchendaele ave off of 20 St. SW. This is due to construction for the new interchange. 20th St can be reached from 33rd Ave or 50th Ave must turn onto Passchendaele aka 44th Ave and head west.     Cadets will wear full uniform without tie, new cadets don’t have to have their badges sewn on, however their uniform should be ironed.

Please bring a food donation for the Veterans  food bank.   KIT CHECK tonight, leave your KIT outside in a specified area (Sgt. Rent) will be in charge of this. Kit check will be done in two groups.   Thanks and have a nice day.

Exercise Kit List (1)


Photo Contest!!!

Click on the poster to see it better.  What a great opportunity to showcase your talents….With Smartphones, Iphones and various other technologies, you call can take great pictures and enter!!Photo Contest 2015 poster

Parent Meeting minutes from September 15, 2015

3016 Calgary Highlander (Airdrie) Parent Meeting minutes
Tuesday September 15, 2015

Troy and Malinda Kletzel, Beth Fisher, Delcan Fisher, Michelle Hogg, Terry Sheedy, Tara Percival, Kathleen Clos Walroth, Alan Tarnowski, Cameron and Sally Maeche, Lori Lowery, Kyle Mowat, Don and Helen McLean, Marci Kiwswetter, Corey and Tania Reykdel, Ed Liukaitis, Barret Pedersen, Karin Sigler and Tanny Rent.

6;45pm Marci Kieswetter calle the meeting to order.
Welcomed back all parents and introduced the new board members,
Chairman: Marci Kieswetter
Vice Chair: Michelle Hogg
Treasurer: Lori Lowery
Secretary: Tammy Rent

CO Capt. Mark: Training CO replacement/Master Cadet Training.
Capt. Taylor: Supply officer/Green Star training officer.
LT. Barton: Training officer/Gold Star training.
2LT. Lanoway: Instructor/Red and Silver Star training.
2LT. Taylor JR: Asst. Supply/Red Star and Silve19r Star training officer.3 people yes
Mary West: Administration Officer.

Discussed doing a bottle drive. We are looking at November. Date TBD more info to follow.
Stampeders Ticket sale. We voted to do this fundraiser with 13 yes out of 19.
Michelle Hogg second.
Tupperware, Tabled for a later date. Will discuss at next month’s meeting,
Casino volunteers required for Oct14/15 and Nov 15/16. Anyone interested please contact Marci Kieswetter and she will get your name to Peggy (league President).
Airdrie Bowl Oct 16 2015, Colour party and the band have been asked to partake. Cadets who volunteer for this can have it go towards their Citizenship. Will be needed for about 1 hour.
Recruitment night, Sept 22/2015.
Cadets will need to set up and help out at their assigned stations. We will need parents to help with the new cadets. Set up and clean up. Stephanie will pick up coffee and donuts.

If you would like to know the numbers, ask Lori and she can assist you.

League Report: Ed Liukaitis:
Oct 14 2015 south Z8 location to be confirmed at a later date.8ones
Oct 24 League meeting
More dates to follow.

Poppy Tagging Nov 7/8 Location to be confirmed at a later date.

CO’s Report: Capt Mark
Welcome back to all parents and staff.
We will having a member from the Calgary Highlanders Starting next week to help out with the corps.
Had a great summer.
Sgt. Walroth went to the Yukon for a week to attend the RCSU Northwest expedition.
Cadet Doucette top Cadet in platoon at the Vernon Cadet Training camp
Sgt Rent won top Cadet in his Platoon, Top shoot and was chosen to be the Honour guard for the Vernon Military Tattoo
Sgt. Pritchard made 2016 Royal Canadian Army Cadet National Rifle Team.
All DHQ forms need to be updated along with Phone numbers and email address. Please let Mary West know of any changes.
Sept 23 Biathlon will start 6:00 at the Ag building
Oct 6 CO Parade and Promotions
Oct 2-4 Gold Star FTX more info to follow.
Oct 17 .Full day at the school, fitness day
Oct 23-25 FTX
Nov 7-8 Biathlon Zones
Nov 27 Band concentration – Penhold
Nov 28 T&C Christmas Market. More info to follow.
Drill will start Jan 10 2016 6:30-8:30
We have 18 people signed up for the Vimy Trip. Lots of spaces still available.

Kathleen Walroth spoke on the Hull Services.
Kathleen, Marci and Cpt. Mark attended a gathering in memory of Myles Card who lost his battle with Mental illness. All monies raised at this BBQ and day of fun activities will go to the Hull Services Effective behavioural and mental health services for kids and their families.
Our corps has donated $100.00 to this organization. Requested by Lori Lowery Second By Tammy Rent.
Cpt Taylor will have the calendar of events poste on a sandwich board in the entrance each parade night.
Marci will contact the Airdrie Echo to have the paper change the ad to have the correct time, night and school that we are now parading at.

Meeting Adjourned Marci Kieswetter
Second Michelle Hogg.