Its that time of year again.  We are doing the Coco Brooks Fundraiser :)  What a great way to raise money for the Corp, and to make meal times easier on Cadet nights….or any other night.  Each cadet needs to raise $100, and the top 3 cadets get a prize.  See below for the fundraiser product list and order form.  The last link is the zipped file with all the forms that you need.  Have fun everyone!!!!



COCO Brooks fundraiser

Some changes in upcoming events and information from last parent meeting

-Discussed with Parents:

-Bottle Drive established for February 7th, 2015, Gather at Home Depot by the recycling bins, 8:30 start time, Attendance for all cadets. Sally  Maetche to check with Local Pub’s etc. to see if we can get bottles that day. We would then assign some parents and Cadets to go pick those up.  Tammy Rent to check with Crossfield locations.


- Discussed with Parents:

-Pub night May 9th, 2015, Ask Leanne Bruneau if she would like to organize like last year. Date , day before Mothers day, $25.00 per person, All Cadets would be assigned two tickets for the event, responsible for selling also each cadets responsible to gather a $50.00 gift donation for the silent auction. Leanne to call Larry at the Overtime Lounge for confirmation on the date for availability. 200 Max for attendance ? to be determined. Need to get MC for the evening..(More details to come)


-Coco Brooks (Tanya Mark), Date Start February 11th to March 4th. To be confirmed


Ed Lukaitis(Cadet League Report/Info)

-Drill Competition coming up March 21st 2015..Kozar Cup to follow.(City Police Cadets have been invited to attend drill competitions)

-Southern Zone Honor awards for Cadets, Officers and Parent volunteers

-Membership and Screening; remember to submit information correctly and the photo should be a nice headshot just like a passport picture(No Selfie’s please).

-Spring Women’s Show, Cadets will be needed as volunteers to run the Cadet booth.

-AGM for the League, Feb 20, 21, 22, 2015 taking place

-Vimy Day memorial coming April 14th 2015.



Upcoming Events: (Tanya Mark) Check Website for more details

-Jan 17th Sports Day, Penhold, Bus Leaves at 7:00 or 7:15 am from Ecole Airdrie Middel School

-Monday January 19, 2015, Drill starts every Monday,  19:00 pm to 21:00 pm Ralph Mcall

-Marksmanship try outs, Thursday 6pm to 9pm, Ag Building, LT. Taylor in charge, 5 cadets total will be chosen.

-Camp application/form, has to be in by January 21, 2015

-Feb 18th, NO CADETS(School not Available)

-Between Feb 16th to 20th, No Band, Please confirm details with Band instructor.

-February 21st, Marksmanship Competition (Zones)

-February 25th, 18:00pm to 19:00pm, Kit Check, Cadets at Genesis, Swimming to take place between 19:00pm to 21:00pm after kit checks.

-February 27, 28, 29th FTX-Rocky Cadet Camp

-SKIDAY  (Tentative date) Nakiska March 22, Only 40 cadets to be chosen.

-March 7th Drill competition –Penhold , More details to come

-March 21st Drill Competition-Calgary, More details to come

-Suggested, something to think about. Calgary Highlanders have extended an invitation to combine, Calgary, High River, Airdrie and Chestermere for a combined ACR at Mewata. Time would be from 8:00am to 16:00pm.**Airdrie would have to hold a separate ACR following the combined ACR if it is decided that the 3016 Corp attends. More to come, Details to be followed up on…..


Optional Training

Drill team starts on Monday and we had 12 cadets sign up, we need approx. 15-17 to have a full team. Drill team teaches the cadets discipline, leadership, working as a member of a team, how to properly maintain their uniforms, determination and overall teaches the cadets how to do proper drill. In the past cadets have had the opportunity to travel to Edmonton for provincials, stay at the base in Edmonton, meet other cadets, enjoy time at the West Edmonton mall and overall keeps them busy from January to March.

I suggest you talk with your cadet about commitment and joining the drill team this year, they will get a lot out of this training and feel proud of their accomplishments.

We start rifle training 22 January and I know this is a big hit, however 5 cadets out of 75 will be chosen, so the chances of cadets making the rifle team are quite slim, compares to any other optional training they can partake in.

Thanks for your time

Please contact myself if you have any questions about optional training.

January Events and some important Information

We become quite busy the next few months so please mark your calendars.
January 6,13,20,27 Band at Bert Church
January 7,14,21,28 Cadet night at Ralph McCall
January 12,19,26 Drill team at Ralph McCall 1900-2100 (all cadets can try out)
January 17 is Sports day in Penhold
(list of participants will be given on Wednesday at cadets)
January 22 Rifle try outs at AG building (5 cadets per team)
January 29 Rifle team starts (Thursdays)
Camp Briefing 14 January for all new parents 2000 in Library
Parents Meeting 14 January 1815 in Library
All camp applications need to be handed in NLT 29 January
Upcoming February
Marksmanship Zones: 21 February
Kit Check and Swim night at Genesis 25 February 1800-2100
FTX: 27 Feb-1 March at Rocky Cadet Camp

Wed Dec 17….and a thank you

Thanks to everyone who attended the Christmas Party yesterday it was a great success! Lots of food and fun for the cadets! A big thank you to Diann Marshessault for organizing the event and to all the parents who cooked, baked, set up and cleaned up, we appreciate your effort and participation.

On Wednesday 17 Dec it will be our last parade night until the New Year, this will be the last day to bring food donations. Cadets can wear civilian clothing and bring their parade boots, we will be conducting training at the beginning of the night and then some fun activity after that. Pick up and drop off will be at the same time.

The president Leighton Kathler would like to reschedule the parents meeting from 1830-1900, it will be quick. The legion will be presenting the cadet corps with some money at the beginning of the night as well. Upcoming events will be discussed at the parents meeting. January-March is a busy 3 months for the cadet corps so please attend the meeting if you can.

Thank you


Activities for December and Org Chart

Here is what is going on for the rest of December:
6 Dec: Training day 0900-1600 at Murial Clayton school, please brin a change of footwear, snacks and water bottle. LUNCH IS PROVIDED, Dress: FTU, green stars must bring their uniforms and polish kit.

9 Dec: Band

10 Dec: Regular cadet night and Parents meeting

13 Dec: CADET CHRISTMAS PARTY, Crossfield Community hall 1300-1600, invites went out last week, if you have questions please contact:

16 Dec: Band

17 Dec: Regular cadet night (break 17 dec-7 Jan)



Cpt Mark is still receiving emails not relevant to me, make sure you are contacting your Officer in charge or section commander.

Org chart attached, please check your phone number, thanks.