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Changes to the 3016 Website: User Accounts, Communications Channels

Hey cadets and parents!

Welcome back to another great year of cadets!  Reminder that the first night of cadets is Tuesday, September 4th at 1830 hrs.

Over the summer we made some significant changes to the 3016 cadet website.

First, we added user accounts!  By adding user accounts, we can post a lot more and more sensitive information while protecting the privacy of our cadets, parents, staff, and corp.  We also can tailor the content to those who need it.

Second, by adding user accounts, we now can have communications channels.  Previously, everyone who signed up on the website received a notification of EVERY message that went out, whether it applied to them or not.  With the changes, we can create special comms channels for specific groups, events, and so on.  This way you will receive fewer notification and hopefully just the ones that you need to know.

So…what happens if you DON’T sign up?  Well, you won’t have access to any of the site content outside of the public menu AND you won’t receive any updates or notifications that are likely to be important to you and your cadet.

So…how do you sign up?  Well, that’s easy!  On the website off to the right of the homepage, there is a sign up link where you can fill out the form requesting to subscribe.  It is highly advised that you check all the boxes.  Please allow for up to 48 hours for your account to be created and the details sent to you.  In practice, it is often a lot quicker than that.

If you have any questions, please send a message to the webmaster (CI Scott Hale at

See you for the first night of cadets on Tuesday, September 4th at 1830 hrs!