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Biv FTX This Weekend!

The Biv FTX (Field Training Exercise) is the first of three FTX weekends that the cadets will do this year.  It focuses on the basics of camping in the field and basic fieldcraft, and really introduces new cadets to the camp experience while giving those cadets in their mid-years exposure to leadership opportunities.
The FTX runs all weekend from October 12 to 14.
Drop off is 1700 hrs at the Agriculture building in Airdrie (97 East Lake Ramp NE).
Pick up is approximately 1600 hrs at the Agriculture building in Airdrie
The Kit list can be found HERE!
Dress is Field Training Uniforms (FTUs) if the cadets have them otherwise appropriate outdoor wear for potentially colder weather.  Please ensure proper footwear (boots) is included with your cadet(s) as well as a warm jacket, hat, and mitts or gloves.
If you have any questions, please contact Capt. Daum.