Summer Camp Process

For those families with cadets attending summer camps, here is the process that you can expect going forward.

  1. If your cadet has applied for a summer camp but has not heard back yet, keep a watch on your email and phone as offers of participation are still coming in and can come in up to the day before a cadet would leave for the summer camp.
  2. If you receive an offer of participation, please fill it out completely and have yourself and your cadet sign it. Pay particular attention to the medical question at the bottom of the last page as checking ‘yes’ will require a new detailed health questionnaire (DHQ) to be completed before attending the camp.
  3. Once you have signed the offer, please either scan the last page or take a photo of the last page and send it to the AdminO via email for completion and entry into the FORTRESS application to accept or reject the offer.
  4. After the offer of participation will come the itineraries. There will be two sent – one for going to the camp and one for coming back from the camp. Note that there may be multiple updates to the itineraries so always keep the most recent copy
  5. Joining instructions for the summer camp that your cadet is attending will be updated for 2019 once the camps release the updated instructions. For now, the 2018 joining instructions can be referenced as they are unlikely to have changed much for 2019.
  6. Note that with the measles being a concern, DND is requesting that parents and cadets are fully immunized and have their immunization record with them (see DND letter).

If you have any questions, please contact CI Hale.