Red Star Manual

Red Star

This is the second level for Army Cadets.

PO 401 – Drill (242 Kb)

In green star, cadets learned the basics of foot drill. In red star, cadets will build on previous lessons by learning more difficult manoeuvres. These include forming single file from threes, re-forming threes on the march and re-forming in line on the march.

PO 402 – Fundamental Training (249 Kb)

Cadets in red star will learn about the organization of military units, the history of Army Cadets, and about the national and provincial flags.

PO 403 – Bushcraft (230 Kb)

During red star training, cadets will learn many important skills for use in the field. Some of these include: methods of environmentally safe waste disposal while in the field, maintenance of section equipment, and preparing for an expedition.

PO 405 – Map & Compass (696 Kb)

This subject takes a bigger role in the red star program. Map and compass is an important subject to army cadets because of the emphasis on navigation in a field setting. Red star cadets will learn how to measure the distance between two points on a map, the importance of contour lines and be able to measure a magnetic bearing.

PO 406 – Marksmanship (131 Kb)

Cadets in Red star will build on the training received in green star by discussing the principles of marksmanship.

PO 410 – Public Speaking (16 Kb)

Red star cadets build on the skills developed in green star by giving a 5-minute speech. They will also learn about stage fright and how to avoid it.

PO 411 – Leadership (27 Kb)

This subject takes a bigger role in the red star program. Leadership is a very important subject to army cadets because they are expected to practice leadership skills on a regular basis, especially when they become more senior cadets. Red star cadets discuss the qualities of a leader, morale and esprit de corps and the 10 principles of leadership.

PO 412 – Citizenship (174 Kb)

Citizenship is also one of the main aims of the cadet program. In red star, cadets will discuss the roles of service clubs in communities and to recognize the important elements of Canadian history and heritage.

PO 413 – Physical Fitness (63 Kb)

Physical fitness is another main aim of the cadet program. On top of completing the Army Cadet Fitness Test again during red star, cadets will also learn the components of personal fitness programs.

Badge Placement

Canadian Army Cadets Right Arm Badge Placement

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