Author: Mary West

UPDATE – Cold Lake FTX

3016 cadets were NOT selected to attend this weekend in  Cold Lake

Capt. J. Barton

Biathlon Practice 1 NOV 2017 – CANCELLED

Biathlon Practice for 1 NOV 2017 has been cancelled.

Thank you,

Capt. Daum

Parent Advisement

Parent Advisement

Parents please note that CIC Officers do not have the authority to transport Cadets in their personal vehicles. Parents should attempt to carpool with other Cadets and Parents attending a Cadet function to help with transportation. If you ask an Officer or Staff member going forward to transport your Cadet to a function it will be denied. read more

Poppy Tagging

Poppy Tagging

Need parents to volunteer with cadets ASAP as there are many positions available to be filled. This is mandatory for all cadets to participate as Remembrance Day is significant for the Cadet Program and Canadian History.

Contact Mrs. Rent at read more