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3016 Corp Updates – April

There are three updates to communicate:

  • The April events have been posted to the Monthly Training page (now password protected, usual password applies) and include:
    • Cold Lake FTX instructions
    • Vimy Parade details and instructions (with special instructions for performing mass band cadets)
    • St. Julien Parade details and instructions
    • Navigation FTX details
    • read more

  • Support Committee Meeting – March 27

    There will be a support committee meeting Tuesday, March 27th from 1830 hrs to 2100 hrs.  See the meetings page for more details…agenda to be published shortly.  Usual password applies.

    All parents are encouraged to attend.

    This is a great opportunity to find out what is going on in the corps and what your parent committee is working on.  We will be discussing our new fundraiser and are wanting to hear your Idea’s as to what you would like to do as a fundraiser. read more

    Events this weekend

    Green and red stars:  snowshoeing

    Silver stars and above:  leadership day

    For details, please see:

    The usual password applies.

    Note the instructions for each event.  You can also get the information in the corp calendar for each event. read more

    Minutes from Unit Support Committee February Meeting

    The unapproved minutes from the February 2018 Unit Support Committee meeting are now available online at

    Please be sure to bring it to the next Unit Support Committee meeting.  The usual password applies to access the minutes. read more

    Now Available – Agenda for Unit Support Committee Meeting Tonight

    Please print and bring a copy of the agenda with you.  It can be found at:

    Thank you.

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