The band program at the 3016 Airdrie Army Cadet Corp is open to all cadets in good standing and with good attendance.  The cadet pipes and drums band is the heartbeat of the corp on parade nights and represents the best of the highland tradition at performances and special events. In addition, cadets who are skilled in their instrument may be invited to play with the combined cadet performance band comprised of the best highland musicians from all the Calgary and area cadet corps.  The performance band plays special events in Calgary and area including for the Calgary Highlander Regiment itself.

The band consists of the bagpipe section and the drum section.  The drum section contains three drum types: bass, tenor, and snare.  Each section has both a learning and a playing section.  Budding musicians join the learning section and work hard to master the basics of relevant musical theory and their respective instruments.  Once the cadet is able to demonstrate the ability to play a number of songs from the cadet corp repertoire, they may join the playing band and play at parades, special events, and performances.

Below from left to right:  Bass, Tenor, and Snare drums

The band wear highland dress when playing.  For formal events the cadets wear formal versions of the highland dress.  All highland wear is provided by the cadet corp.

Both practice and playing instruments are provided by the cadet corp.  Bagpipers receive a practice chanter and, when ready, a full set of bagpipes. Drummer’s receive a practice pad and drum sticks/mallets and, when ready, a drum and carrying case.

The practice instruments are much quieter than the actual bagpipes and drums.  When practicing generally cadets will use the practice instruments.  However, there are times when cadets will need to practice with their playing instrument.

For more information, please contact:

Band Officer:  CI Scott Hale
Pipe Major:  N/A
Drum Major:  MCpl Long