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[UPDATED] Nav FTX Details (April 27-29)

Updated April 20th – Now with forms and documents…

The Navigation FTX is scheduled for April 27-29, 2018 at Camp Howard.

Timings are:

  • April 27 – Drop off at AG Building – 1800 hrs
  • April 29 – Pick Up from AG Building – 1430 to 1500 hrs (Could be earlier)
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    Big Chief Meat Snacks Fundraiser

    The Support Committee is pleased to bring you the Big Chief Meat Snacks Fundraiser once again.  Details can be found on the fundraising page under the support committee menu (usual password applies).

    Forms will be handed out at the support committee meeting on April 24, 2018.  Contact Geraldine Long, Tammy Rent, or Terry Sheedy for further details. read more

    Support Committee Meeting Back On

    The Support Committee Meeting is back on.  It will be held at at the Military Museums on Tuesday, April 24th from 7pm until 9pm.  Please direct any questions to Tammy, Geraldine, or Terry.

    Regular Parade Night in Airdrie Tomorrow

    There is apparently some confusion about the location of parade tomorrow night.  We are at the school on Tuesday, April 17 at the regular time.  Next Tuesday, April 24, is at the Military Museums.

    UPDATE – Cold Lake FTX

    3016 cadets were NOT selected to attend this weekend in  Cold Lake

    Capt. J. Barton

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