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Winter FTX Forms

The Parental Consent Form and the FTX Kit List for the upcoming Winter FTX is available as links on the Winter FTX entry in the Corp Calendar.   Further details to come concerning the Winter FTX…

As per the rules published by the Department of National Defense (DND) , the links contain restricted information and thus cannot be published on the post feed. read more

Summer Camp Forms and Brochures

All camp forms are due in no later than 26 January 2018.   Staff will be at supply for the kit exchange night from 1900-2100hrs  11 January 2018 and will be accepting completed forms.

Scanned forms are also acceptable and  can be emailed to read more

Important Updates

Contents (click ‘read more’ link to use the links below):

  1. Summer Camp Parents Meeting  on 09 January 2018 and Camp Forms
  2. Range Day on 20 January 2018
  3. Winter FTX on 26-28 January 2018
  4. Staff updates
  5. Instructions for senior / staff cadets
  6. COs parade on 30 January 2018
  7. Use of Website by Cadets and Parents

1. Summer Camp Parents Meeting  on 09 January 2018 and Camp Forms

For parents with cadets wanting to attend summer camp this summer there is a summer camp briefing being on Tuesday, 09 January 2018, from 1900-2030 hrs at the AKCS school.  Applications for summer camps will be handed out that evening. read more

Important Updates

PRE PACK MEAT FUNDRAISER Order’s will be ready for pick up Tuesday November 28 prior to the parent meeting. remember we can not hold your items and MUST be picked up on the 28. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS  Please bring your items in to Helen McLellan she will be at the school at 6:30 to collect any items. Deadline is Dec 1 to have them in to Helen. CHRISTMAS PARTY RSVP  Please RSVP to Tammy Rent with the number attending. Deadline for this is December 1st. we will have the perfect potluck up by Dec 3 this way you can sign up for what you would like to bring for the supper.

Crossfield Remembrance Day Instructions

Those cadets (and only those cadets) who are attending the Crossfield Remembrance Day event are to be at the community hall in Crossfield at 1015 hrs sharp.

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