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Casino volunteers still needed (Nov 25 & 26)

A number of volunteers are still needed for the corp’s casino opportunity coming up on November 25 and 26.  This is an important fundraiser for our cadets.

If you are able to volunteer and wish to know what times and positions are needing to be filled, please contact Tammy Rent by email. read more

3016 Christmas Potluck Dinner (RSVP Required)

The cadets, families, and staff of the 3016 Airdrie Army cadet corp are invited to the 2017 Family Christmas Potluck Dinner.  RSVP Required.

When:  Sunday, December 10th from 1300 to 1700 hrs
Where: Crossfield Community Centre, 900 Mountain Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta
RSVP By:  December 1st, 2017
RSVP To:  Tammy Rent, President, 3016 Support Committee OR return at Tuesday night parades read more

Poppy Tagging Spots to Fill (5 cadets and 1 parent still needed)

Reminder to parents and cadets that poppy tagging is a MANDATORY event for cadets.  Not only is this activity required to qualify for a cadet’s star level, selling poppies for the Legion is also a great way to support our veterans who, in turn, support the cadets in our corp. read more

Biathlon Practice 1 NOV 2017 – CANCELLED

Biathlon Practice for 1 NOV 2017 has been cancelled.

Thank you,

Capt. Daum

Parent Advisement

Parent Advisement

Parents please note that CIC Officers do not have the authority to transport Cadets in their personal vehicles. Parents should attempt to carpool with other Cadets and Parents attending a Cadet function to help with transportation. If you ask an Officer or Staff member going forward to transport your Cadet to a function it will be denied. read more

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