Last updated June 4th, 2018


Parental Pick Up/Drop Off Form

  1. This form must be completed if the pick up or drop off point differs from the pick up or drop off point assigned in the travel orders and/or the person picking up the cadet differs from the person(s) identified in the national cadet database (Fortress).
  1. The Canadian Armed Forces is responsible for transporting the cadet from a centralized point to the cadet training centre location. Any deviation from the provided transport arrangements are the financial and administrative responsibility of the authorizing parent or guardian.
  1. The completion of this form does not automatically guarantee that transport staff will be able to accommodate the request.
  1. Parent or Guardian authorizing name and corresponding signature in Section E of this form must be the same as the name identified in the national cadet database.
  1. The person picking up the cadet must:
    1. Be the person(s) authorized in Section D of this form;
    2. Be at least 18 years old; and
    3. Possess government issued identification proving to be the individual identified in Section D.
  2. Completed form is to be emailed to

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Cadets that have been accepted to attend a Cadet Training Camp (CTC) this summer will need to know the information found here.  First is a brochure explaining the medical care and responsibilities of the cadet program and CTC site.  Following that are the joining instructions for each camp.  Find the instruction document for the camp that your cadet(s) are attending and be sure to read and follow the directions therein.

Cadet Medical Care Brochure (PDF)

CTC Joining Instructions:

If you have any questions, please speak with Capt. Blackwell, Capt. Barton, or OCdt. West.